I love taking words and forming other words, maGic, is Mother and God in Christ. This little exercise I participated in, I hope to do it daily cause if felt good to my cracking bones and aching muscles.

exercise? I once just loved life, swinging my scythe, going for a bicycle ride, eating fresh fruits, vegetables and meats, sweated good, drank lots of water, and pounds melted away, but for those who need magic, maGic is good, it too will do the body good.


HI rajesh, Well here I am . The images are a wonderful drawing to your blog. I am a student of health where I choose to exercise daily, Eating lots of good things. Where on your blog is the exercise you speak of?

I took Tai Chi and Sword for four years, Find yoga suited better for me know. But am interested in your maGic exercise. I subscribe to your blog now. Hope you will continue to enjoy mine. I appreciate your gift of knowledge in helping others to reach their highest level of potential.
Great meeting you. Are the images your creations? I’d love to copy a couple for down the road. Very peaceful site.

Yes, I agree. Always ‘away from medicine’.


I am very impressed with all the information and exercise so that you put on your blog for the  good of people. Exercise can do no harm at all. I am  trying your healthy tips and already have started feeling good.  Thank you so much for this awesome public service. God bless you.

Doug Duffee MD, Mdiv

This is a great balanced approach. I also agree that a component of exercise is crucial…It really makes disease management (like diabetes) more effective.


Yes, every picture takes you to a special place in that special moment… and we see all through the photographer´s eyes, but we interpret it through our experience and meaning… God bless photography!

Daily Drawing Ideas

Thank you for the follow. Great idea you have here. Staying healthy is huge with me and I applaud you for reaching out to people to help guide them. Keep up the good work.

Jourdie Ross

Your blog is really intriguing. Thanks for bringing so much positivity into the world. :)

Linda Willows

Thank you for following! I am thrilled that it may provide some peace, comfort and well-being to those that you serve. I salute your fine work at Recovery Health! All Good, Restoration, and miracles of the Nature of Core balance- may they flourish in each that you reach and more! Love, Linda

Stunningly beautiful blog! Thanks for following me, as I’m so glad to find out about you, and now I’m following YOU. Which post of mine did you happen onto, by the way? That would be good for me to know. And I look forward to reading–and seeing–more of your beautiful viewpoint and the gorgeous images you use to help illustrate it!

Superman thinking about super comment...

Superman thinking about super comment…

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To get relief from pimples and Acne. Very simple, when got bath, get some water (20ml/25ml)  in the mouth before wet body. Then to take bath wet the body and apply bath soap on the body, 2 minutes had been complete. Spit the water. Now wash hands and repeat same process, get some water in the mouth now remove applied soap from the body. 2 minutes had been complete and spit the water.

This experiment Boon for whom who have illness of Pimples and Acne. From next day new Pimples/Acne will not be appear on Face and after 5-7 days pimples/Acne on face will be start to disappear slowly. When you see your face after a month, Clear  and Cute. Marks of pimples/Acne will be disappear in 3 to 6 month according to your illness.

Do this experiment daily got benefits.


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