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Open full eyes and keep fix vision on mirror. Now do face up side and round half circle left to right and right to left, 10 times and same process keeping face to down side, 10 times. After that round full face clock wise alternate  Left side and right side, 10-10 times. In between this exercise feel dust in side the eyes and after some days slowly come out  dust and natural gap would be between eyes and eyes lens, Regularly do this. After this exercise feel Bright and Healthy vision, Fresh and Healthy eyes.

Note:- Keep attention should be fix vision on mirror, Along this exercise.


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Get Relief From Back Pain & Soreness without Medicine.


Sleep straight and relax, Keep a pillow (4 – 5 inch thick ) below Heels to Calfs. After 10 minutes, Would feel in legs blood circulation like bubbling. Blood circulation would make feel uncomfortable then want to turn Right or Left, But don’t move, The uncomfortability will last 3-4 minutes. After that will feel a great relief in your Back and Body Pain. Sleep in this position upto 30-45 minutes. In between a sweet sleep would come.

calf Note: Keep attention should not keep pillow below Head along the process.

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